Saying Goodbyes

The hardest part about dynamically programming four retail shops with short-term leases is having to saying frequent goodbyes to the wonderful people we’ve spent so much time accompanying on their shop’s journey at MOMENT. Which is why we’re super, super sad to see bobo design studio, Empire in the Air and Hapertas & Co. all departing at once at the end of this month. Scroll down below for more info about this upcoming weekend’s special stuff at each departing shop!

Note, before we go even further, it’s worth clarifying: their subleases all ended at the same time. This is NOT an unexpected mass departure from MOMENT but rather something that has been expected for a long time now. Still, even though we knew this day was eventually coming, it doesn’t make it any easier!

Angie of bobo design studio…


It should probably go without saying but we are super fans of Angie and bobo design studio for life. It has been an absolute honor and a complete blessing to have had Angie and bobo design studio at MOMENT over the past nine months. Since the grand opening of MOMENT and her shop, she has given MOMENT its energy, personality and sense of expression, and for that, we have no problem saying that it’s impossible to imagine MOMENT thriving as it has thrived over the past nine months without Angie and bobo design studio.

Angie’s work goes over-and-beyond to inspire us and move us and make us feel fierce in the face of everything and anything. We are deeply, deeply, deeply sad to see her departing MOMENT but we are so appreciative of the time we got to have with her at MOMENT, and most importantly, we are so supremely excited to see what’s next and watch the new great heights to which she ascends.

Francesca, Chris, Sam, Raymond and Aiko of Empire in the Air…


When we first started talking about MOMENT, long before it the shops even opened, we talked about how it would be a dream to have Empire in the Air as one of the shops. At that point, we had only met them at one event but even at that one event (as well as through their Instagram) it was apparent that there was something significantly special about Empire in the Air and what they were doing. Now, after five months of having gotten to know the team and to have seen their work up close, our suspicions have been confirmed: There is definitely something significantly special happening with Empire in the Air.

You meet Francesca and Chris and Sam and Aiko and Raymond, and you just get this overwhelming sense that the work they’re creating and the culture they’re building is profound. It has meaning and their meaning has movement and their movement is inspiring. Simply put, Empire in the Air is a brand we believe in and we’re overly thrilled to see what they do next.

Jill of Hapertas & Co…


Upon first meeting JIll and hearing her vision for her shop, it was evident she had impeccable taste in handcrafted goods, and leaving that first meeting, we were overwhelmingly excited for the brilliantly curated experience we knew she would bring to MOMENT. After five and a half months, we are proud to have watched the Hapertas & Co Shop at MOMENT be that and so much more. Simply put: There is not a shop like Hapertas & Co. in San Jose, a retail experience that imbues the modern men’s shopping experience with craft and care and meticulousness. This is all very much a testament to Jill and her vision. As denizens of downtown San Jose, we will wholeheartedly miss having Hapertas & Co., especially that sense of being able to go there just knowing we’d find that perfect purchase to satiate our retail-therapy needs. As believers in her vision, we are eager and hopeful for another Hapertas & Co Shop in the future.

Celebrate bobo design studio, Empire in the Air and Hapertas & Co’s final weekend at MOMENT this weekend!

If this is your first time heading to MOMENT, you’ll be able to join all the festivities at MOMENT located at 60 N. San Pedro Street, San Jose, CA. NOTE: The final days for Empire in the Air and Hapertas & Co’s shops will be the end of the day Sunday, Jan. 27. The final day for bobo design studio’s shop will be the end of the day Thursday, Jan. 31.

bobo design studio CLOSING Party - Sunday, Jan. 27 - 4 PM to 7 PM

From Angie of bobo design studio:

“Hi guys! Sorry for the last minute notice, but i'm having a going away party for the closing of my shop. You guys have been so supportive of my venture and I wanted to have one last "omg its all ending" party to celebrate what can only be described as one of the most incredible experiences I've had as a business owner. It's from 4-7 and I'll have pizza, drinks, and...KARAOKE in store. Yes. you read that right. And...Almost everything will be marked down to sell. I'm not one for fanfare, and my energy level to throw a big sha-bang is limited to be honest, but to have friends and family around me as I prepare to shut the doors down would mean oh so much. Hope to see you there!”

Empire in the Air’s BRB Last Day of the Pop-Up Shop - Saturday, Jan. 26 - 10 AM to 8 PM

From the Empire in the Air Team:

“Thank you MOMENT and SJMADE for giving us the opportunity to have our first ever store! We got to meet so many great people, host events for the community, and simply have a nice home base where our brand started. Celebrate the last day of our pop-up shop with us on Saturday, January 26. All day we’ll be having giveaways, music, exclusive releases, a dyeing station, a screen printing station, and more!”

Hapertas & Co.’s Goodbye MOMENT - Saturday, Jan. 26 & Sunday, Jan. 27 - 10 AM to 8 PM both days

From Jill of Hapertas:

“Our time here at Moment in San Jose has come to an end. We will be celebrating all day with snacks and good tunes and closeout sales! Stop in from 10am-8pm on January 26th and 27th for your last chance to support our pop-up shop.”

What will be the new shops at MOMENT?

Opening in mid-February will be two new shops at MOMENT. We’ll make a big official announcement very, very shortly but for allow us very briefly to introduce you to The Source Zero and PMBQ Studios.

Owned and operated by maker Ashley Merz, The Source Zero ( Shop will bring sustainable lifestyle and zero-waste lifestyle products and experiences to MOMENT, including her super popular local soap refill bar!

Owned and operated by illustrator and maker Phuong-Mai Bui-Quang, PMBQ Studios (, Shop will bring her locally loved super-duper cute panda-based apparel and artwork to MOMENT.

What about Fractal Flora?

Starting in February, Fractal Flora will be moving from their current MOMENT shop space into the two spaces currently occupied by Empire in the Air and Hapertas & Co. That’s right: the Fractal Flora experience will be expanding into two spaces. One space will be devoted to delivering the same wonderful plant and garden retail experience you’ve come to know and love over the past nine months. The other space will be devoted to running a robust calendar of DIY workshops and its counter space will be transformed into a Fresh Flower Bar. Follow Fractal Flora on Instagram or stay tuned as we post more information very, very shortly!

Interested in bringing your shop to MOMENT?

We will have one available shop space opening starting in April 2019. We have already begun discussions with several creative retailers to bring their shop experiences to MOMENT during the time however don’t let this deter you from reaching out to us! Click the button below to fill out an application. Someone from our team will reach out to you with a response within 1 to 3 business days.

Any questions? Email with the “MOMENT inquiry” in the subject line.

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