“We believe that for retail to thrive as it once thrived, people owning and managing retail spaces need to more actively support and celebrate their tenants and invest in their success, and with MOMENT, we at San Jose Made get this significant and incredible opportunity to do this.”

-Kevin Biggers, Chief Strategist, San Jose Made


One of our biggest goals with MOMENT is to nurture all different types of creative retail within the spaces.

We are looking forward to working with a diverse range of makers, creators, designers, artists and emerging brands, and we encourage all who are interested to apply so we can at least have a conversation about your vision for your very own MOMENT. 

Our current MOMENT tenants will occupy their respective spaces through February 2020. Therefore, we are currently looking for prospective tenants interested in having a shop at MOMENT starting in March 2020.

The available spaces range anywhere from 277 sq. ft. to 347 sq. ft. Each space offers the tenant additional space on the wood parklets in front of their respective space, offering approximately 6'x10' outdoor area for each MOMENT space. 


To get a conversation started with us, please fill out the form below. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as we can! 

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We at San Jose Made are supremely moved by quality, both in the actual products being produced and in the aesthetic experience enshrouding them. Use this area to let us know a little more about your business, brand and work. If possible, we'd love to learn things that we couldn't easily glean from your website or social media!
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