“The opening retail concepts for MOMENT truly excite me. All of the new shops are owned and conceptualized by incredible women who are inventors, makers, artists, and most importantly, entrepreneurs. It takes guts to bring an idea to life. I have much respect for those who manifest their ideas into actual goods, and subsequently share those goods with the world. Bravo to these women. Cannot wait to shop with them."

-Marie Millares, Founder, San Jose Made


Opening on May 18, 2018, MOMENT is a set of four dynamic micro-retail spaces designed and programmed to advance, grow and celebrate creative retail.

Powered by San Jose Made, MOMENT embodies the urgency, immediacy and verve of today’s new retail and creative culture, featuring makers, creatives, artists and emerging brands for varying short-to-mid-length durations. Located in downtown San Jose within the ever-popular San Pedro Square neighborhood, MOMENT is perfectly positioned to elevate these already-amazing businesses, brands and talent to newer and greater levels of visibility at a time when San Jose itself is rising to newer and greater levels of visibility. 

MOMENT arose from a Knight Cities Challenge grant awarded in 2015 to San Jose Downtown Association (SJDA), who envisioned the amazing things possible in converting twelve parking spaces on the sidewalk level of the San Pedro Market Parking Garage into four dynamic micro-retail spaces along with a sidewalk patio to add public space to our rapidly growing urban core. MOMENT is part of SPSQUARED, a SJDA initiative designed to activate, elevate and celebrate San Pedro Street within San Pedro Square. To learn more about SPSQUARED, scroll down below.


Why the name MOMENT?

We at San Jose Made really found the name MOMENT to perfectly suit our vision for the ethos and ambition of these four retail spaces, as "MOMENT" in one simple incisive utterance connotes and encapsulates so many different things we're trying to achieve here.

For the amazing creative tenants who'll reside in MOMENT, we believe MOMENT could represent one of the biggest landmarks of growth in your business and brand's story. This is what you have been working on for so long, and now here's this ample and wildly visible space to express not only your work, not only your brand but the best and boldest version of yourself.

For San Jose Made, we love how "MOMENT" represents our unwavering belief in ephemeral retail activations, where speed, urgency and immediacy coalesce with creativity and commerce to produce a destination demanding to be experienced.  

For the city and people for whom we do all this, "MOMENT" conveys this vast and pervasive feeling that we, as a city and as a people, are facing significant questions, challenges, and most importantly opportunities—all moments if you will—that'll end up defining the city's narrative over the next several decades. This is San Jose's all-important moment where we must meaningfully, collectively and creatively answer the question: "What is San Jose?"


MOMENT would not be possible without the amazing vision and amazing work of San Jose Downtown Association and the incredible support of The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.


San Jose Downtown Association

The San Jose Downtown Association (SJDA) is a nonprofit group of business and property owners working to improve the vitality and livability of downtown San Jose. SJDA advocates on issues that affect downtown business and property owners; enhances the image of downtown and attract new visitors through year-round marketing, public relations, and special events; and makes improvements to downtown’s cleanliness, security and aesthetics.




Created and led by San Jose Downtown Association, SPSQUARED is an initiative designed to create models for awakening street life and bringing new economic opportunities to neighborhoods while fostering connections between residents by providing vibrant places to meet and interact. SPSQUARED features MOMENT and Downtown San Jose Farmers’ Market as well as past and future street-closure activations on San Pedro Street within San Pedro Square.



John S. and James L Knight Foundation

Knight Foundation is a national foundation with strong local roots. We invest in journalism, in the arts, and in the success of cities where brothers John S. and James L. Knight once published newspapers. Our goal is to foster informed and engaged communities, which we believe are essential for a healthy democracy.