Powered by San Jose Made, MOMENT is a set of four brand new creative retail spaces located in downtown San Jose's San Pedro Square.




Launched on May 18, 2018, MOMENT is a set of four dynamic micro-retail spaces designed and programmed to advance, grow and celebrate creative retail.

Powered by San Jose Made, MOMENT embodies the urgency, immediacy and verve of today’s new retail and creative culture, featuring makers, creatives, artists and emerging brands for varying short-to-mid-length durations. Located in downtown San Jose within the ever-popular San Pedro Square neighborhood, MOMENT is perfectly positioned to elevate these already-amazing businesses, brands and talent to newer and greater levels of visibility at a time when San Jose itself is rising to newer and greater levels of visibility. 

MOMENT arose from a Knight Cities Challenge grant awarded in 2015 to San Jose Downtown Association (SJDA), who envisioned the amazing things possible in converting twelve parking spaces on the sidewalk level of the San Pedro Market Parking Garage into four dynamic micro-retail spaces along with a sidewalk patio to add public space to our rapidly growing urban core. MOMENT is part of SPSQUARED, a SJDA initiative designed to activate, elevate and celebrate San Pedro Street within San Pedro Square. 


Meet our Summer 2018 Lineup

bobo design studio

 Photo Credit: Paulo Candido

Photo Credit: Paulo Candido

Angie Chua

 At bobo design studio, I create wanderlust inspired goods for the bohemian rebel, and I love to share the story of celebrating everyday adventures and encouraging folks to explore the world around them."

With bobo design studio, Angie Chua has created a lifestyle wanderlust brand featuring brilliant designs crafted on everything from pins and patches to bags to graphic apparel, handcrafted and made in California. 

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Fractal Flora

 Photo Credit: Paulo Candido

Photo Credit: Paulo Candido

Yuri Kim & Sarah Lim

“We encourage whimsical, mystical and ethereal storytelling through our customizable terrariums, allowing you to escape to places you’ve visited time and time again in your fondest dreams."

Through Fractal Flora, Yuri Lee and Sarah Lim have a mission to reconnect people to nature, be it through their wonderful curation and care for the plants and flowers they sell or their wildly popular DIY terrarium workshops.

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Blooms Privé

 Photo Credit: Paulo Candido

Photo Credit: Paulo Candido

Sarah Coronado & Marie Coronado

“To have Live Lotus and Blooms Privé participate in MOMENT's launch this summer is honestly a dream come true. We're a home grown startup and we've built our community within San Jose since the inception of our business."

Sarah Coronado and Marie Coronado of Blooms Privé have created the next evolution of women’s underwear, prioritizing an empowering and inventive design for women anywhere. 

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Sea Senorita Studios

 Photo Credit: Paulo Candido

Photo Credit: Paulo Candido

Sofia Arredondo

“My space at MOMENT will include area for retail and a studio art space, which I’ve always dreamed of having to showcase and create artwork for Sea Senorita Studios.”

For Sea Senorita Studios, Sofia Arredondo uses her incredible artwork to power a diverse range of products featuring everything from paper goods to t-shirts to accessories. 

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